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SOLBET Capital Group is the largest producer of cellular concrete in Poland. Each year, over one million cubic metres of top quality cellular concrete from our five factories go to European markets. Corroborating our diligence and professionalism in the way we deal with our customers are a number of awards, including Teraz Polska Promotional Emblem for the SOLBET tongue and groove blocks.

The history of the SOLBET company goes back to the year 1954 when cellular concrete production was first started in the parent company in Solec Kujawski. A landmark in the company’s history was the change of the form of ownership on 2 July 1992. PREFABET-SOLEC KUJAWSKI – a state company – turned into a commercial code company and assumed the name of SOLBET. The following years saw gradual increase in sales and a dynamic development of the Capital Group. At present, cellular concrete from SOLBET constitutes 27 % of the entire Polish market, which makes us the undisputed leader.


The parent seat of SOLBET Sp. z o.o. is located in Solec Kujawski, where the cellular concrete and TERIVA floor plants are. The production of mortar, mineral plasters, insulation adhesives and tiling adhesives takes place at a plant in Aleksandrów Kujawski. Since January 2003, SOLBET also owns a cellular concrete plant in Podnieśnie (Mazowieckie province).

 The company has been a strategic shareholder of SOLBET-ZREMB Sp. z o.o. since 1995, a manufacturer of machines and devices for cellular concrete producers, and also of semi-trailers and trailers for truck-tractors.

Since May 1999 SOLBET has been a strategic shareholder of a producer of cellular concrete blocks and tiles in Stalowa Wola, currently SOLBET STALOWA WOLA Sp. z o.o.

Since January 2000 we have been a strategic shareholder in plants in Kolbuszowa and Głogów Małopolski, currently SOLBET KOLBUSZOWA S.A., where cellular concrete, TERIVA floors, Żerań type slabs, poles for power engineering, shaped stones used in building motorways, as well as various other prefabricated concrete elements are manufactured.

In 2001, SOLBET group was joined by the Construction Prefabricates Company PREFABET Lubartów S.A., currently SOLBET LUBARTÓW S.A., a producer of cellular concrete, TERIVA floors and foamed polystyrene boards.

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